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Fessenden is a special place—where learning is fun, character is valued above all, and a sense of caring and community pervade. Whether they are Pre-Kindergartners exploring their first school experience, fifth graders finding their way in the new world of Middle School, or ninth-grade boarders from across the country or world learning what it means to live away from home, we understand and embrace different needs and different ages. True to our mission, we focus on and celebrate the boys.

Boys learn best when they are active and engaged. To this end, Fessenden’s teaching and learning set us apart. At our school, enthusiasm, creativity, and student voice are integral to the educational process and are cultivated through project-based learning. This approach develops both problem-solving abilities and 21st century skills, which together will guide our students throughout their academic and professional lives. While the Ciongoli Center for Innovation serves as the school’s academic heart, active teaching and learning permeate all corners of our campus. Opportunities in the arts—as supported by our expanded and renovated arts wing—as well as the depth and breadth of our athletic program, provide additional avenues for boys to explore who they are and will become.

At Fessenden, developing the character of our students is at the core of the mission. In helping our boys mature into good young men, we remain focused on preparing them to be positive leaders at their next schools and in the world beyond. To this end, we strive to develop a diverse and inclusive environment where students and adults feel at home. We are committed to providing a community where all members can be their very best … to be a place of honesty, compassion, and respect.

While Fessenden’s programs and campus shine brightly, it is the faculty and staff who bring this school to life. As educators, as role models, and as lifelong learners, we design our program with the goal that each individual boy will thrive. The faculty and staff recognize that professional and personal growth is ongoing for all—that we are a community of learners. Our dedication to professional development models what we expect of our students.

Fessenden offers much to many different boys. It is truly a special place. We welcome you to visit our beautiful campus, to explore our unique culture, and to learn more about how this school brings out the best in boys.

Steve Armstrong
Head of School
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