Our Mission

Honesty, compassion, and respect: throughout our history, these values have united and guided our entire community. First introduced in our Pre-K classrooms, these values follow curious young learners as they move through the Lower School and into the Middle and Upper Schools.
At Fessenden, we strive to develop well-rounded boys who flourish--academically, socially, and emotionally--in all that they do. We work continually to set good examples for our students, because we know they’re constantly observing and emulating those around them. Our curriculum and community is strengthened every day by a student body that comes from all over the globe, encompassing a broad range of racial, religious, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as family compositions. Through admissions and hiring processes, we actively seek students, faculty, and staff who represent this inclusive community.
We’re also proud of the integral part Fessenden parents play in our community. Informed and involved, they are a vibrant, driving force supporting their sons’ educational and personal growth. Regular communication between parents and Fessenden faculty is a critical factor in student success. We welcome parents into our community, and we’re thankful for all they contribute.

We continue our commitment to the education of boys at a time when many schools have become co-educational. Our facilities, curriculum, and programs are designed with the necessities of boys in mind. Faculty programs include ongoing professional development relating to the education of boys in our changing society. Contemporary knowledge about boys, combined with our historical perspectives and experience, allows Fessenden to continue its mission of educating and preparing boys for successful futures.

When Fessenden rang its first opening bell in 1903, there were eight boarders and three day students. Now, with more than 500 students, we strive to honor the words of our founder, Frederick Fessenden’s: “We hold dear what has worked best over time: Unapologetically high standards and a healthy respect for individual differences.”
We are guided by and committed to the following community principles:
  • Treat others with honesty and respect.
  • Practice compassion; make an effort to understand and care for others.
  • Honor diversity; promote a healthy respect for individual differences and affirm commonalities.
  • Celebrate individual potential; nurture the many ways boys learn.
  • Reject prejudice, bullying, and elitism; renounce behavior that excludes others.
  • Engage in open, trusting dialogue; seek to learn from those who have differing opinions.
  • Serve to strengthen our inclusive community.

Mission Statement

The Fessenden School cultivates each boy’s talents and develops in balance his
character, mind, and body in an inclusive and joyful community.
In fulfilling its mission, Fessenden:
  • Instills honesty, compassion, and respect as a foundation for boys’ growth into young men
    of character.
  • Fosters a diverse and safe environment in which students, teachers, and families value differences and similarities.
  • Builds a cohesive day and residential community enriched by nurturing relationships.
  • Promotes healthy mental, physical, and social-emotional development.
  • Challenges and supports students to be resilient, confident individuals who empathize
    with and serve others.
  • Implements a demanding and innovative curriculum with the goal of inspiring enthusiastic, creative, lifelong learners.

Inclusion Statement

At Fessenden, inclusion means building a community whose spirit and purpose is based on mutual respect and care. It is vital that each member feels recognized and valued. Inclusion is an essential part of our mission to cultivate each student’s potential and develop each boy’s mind, character, and heart. We believe that differences of backgrounds, perspectives and cultures are integral to preparing boys to be successful young men in a global community. Ongoing, mindful practice of inclusion requires both individual and institutional commitment to self-examination and learning. We further our mission to be a joyfully inclusive community by aligning policies, curriculum, and decision-making to support diversity and inclusion. Inclusion is at the heart of how we treat each other in our daily interactions.
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