Alumni Executive Committee

Comprised of eight alumni spanning a range of ages and a wide variety of professions, the Alumni Executive Committee (AEC) strives to further develop ongoing and meaningful relationships between alumni and the School and build closer bonds between alumni. In collaboration with the Advancement Office, the AEC helps alumni connect with each other for professional networking and encourages alumni to give back to the School by contributing to the Annual Fund and other projects. In addition, through a wide variety of programming both on and off campus, the AEC encourages a spirit of loyalty to, interest in, and a sense of connection to Fessenden.

While all members of the AEC are united by their Fessenden education, they have each applied it to their lives in different ways. This group has doubled in size in recent years, and they are eager to connect with fellow Fessy alumni. Learn more about them below.

Greg Rubin ’96

President, Alumni Executive Committee

Needham, MA
Secondary school: Milton Academy
College: Trinity College
What I'm up to: I own and operate a wine and spirits shop in Brooklyn, NY and Greenwich, CT called Vanderbilt Wine Merchants. I am enjoying a busy life with my wife Jenny and our two kids.
Best part of Fessenden: I was there in the early ’90s so my favorite memory was being able to go rollerblading on the old tennis courts—instead of going to study hall—in ninth grade.

Brack Baker ’97

Chair, Annual Fund Committee

Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Secondary school: St. Mark’s School
College: Trinity College
What I’m up to: I live with my wife Jennifer, our two kids—Tate, a four-year-old boy, and Teddie, a 5.5-month-old girl—and our five-pound Yorkshire Terrier. I am the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at the GB Financial Group, a life insurance boutique firm based in Boston. My brother—and fellow Fessy alumnus in the class of 2000—is my business partner. I have spent the last three years serving as Co-Director of the Head of the Charles Regatta. I spend my free time with my family, and I love teaching Tate how to ski, play golf, and ride a bike.
Favorite Fessenden memory: The teachers at Fessenden make it what it is. It is hard to put into words how incredibly supportive the environment is and how instrumental it was in making me who I am today. Also, those Congo Bars!

Rob Goodrich ’98

Chair, Engagement Committee

Hometown: Boston, MA
Secondary school: St. Mark's School
College: Boston College
What I’m up to: I am a television/film producer in Los Angeles. I am fortunate to wake up every morning near the beach with my Golden Retriever Bogie, enjoying every bit of the West Coast. I’m looking forward to upcoming film projects in the next year that will be shot all over the world—including New Zealand, China, and England—which will give me the chance to travel more.
Best Fessenden memory: I was at Fessenden for a long time, so, to be fair, there are a lot of “best” memories. To sum it up, though, one of the most incredible moments was lining up along Hyde Slope after graduation and shaking all the teachers’ hands. We bawled like babies—not really the image that comes to mind when you think of a bunch of adolescent tough guys. But it was so special, and it really highlighted how much we all meant to each other and how significant of an experience our time at Fessenden was (and still is). It’s a moment that reaffirms my commitment to both representing and serving the School's alumni with honesty, compassion and respect.

Steve Robb ’96

Chair, Communications Committee

Hometown: Natick, MA
Secondary school: The Rivers School
College: Babson College
What I’m up to: I am the owner of Robb Enterprises, a real estate sales company located in Natick, MA, and I still enjoy playing baseball in a competitive men’s league.
Favorite Fessenden memory: Coming back to Fessenden is something that I have always enjoyed because everyone always remembers me and knows my name. Even though I can’t pinpoint any specific experiences as my favorite, I’ve always felt welcome and at home on campus.

Ben Driver ’05

Member at Large

Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Secondary school: Belmont Hill School
College: Dartmouth College
What I’m up to: I have just finished working as a high school teacher of Latin and French at Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, PA, and I will begin doctoral studies in classics at Brown University this fall.
Best memory from Fessenden: My fondest memories of Fessenden are of Mr. Eveleth teaching us how to write in a more lively fashion by describing and writing about his life experiences in great detail. Sometimes it was hilarious, and other times it was deeply moving. He is an amazing teacher, and I learned so much from him.

Remington Pope ’07

Member at Large

Hometown: Boston, MA
Secondary school: The Governor's Academy
College: Villanova University
What I’m up to: I currently work in Downtown Boston for Catalant Technologies which enables businesses to access an agile workforce, and I live in Boston with fellow Fessenden alumnus Gianni Frattaroli ’07. I am gearing up for a surf trip through Indonesia's Mentawai Islands in early June.
Best part of your time at Fessenden: I loved having the opportunity to go from running in a few touchdowns against Belmont Hill, right into performing as one of Mr. Alton's unique characters that he would always cast me as in theatre performances.

Matthew Weinstein ’08

Member at Large

Hometown: ​Newton, MA​
Secondary school: Belmont Hill School​
College:​ Harvard College​
What I’m up to: I am a student at Harvard Law School, and this summer I will be working at the Department of Justice. I’m an avid long-distance runner and a frequent traveler.
Best part of your time at Fessenden: The best part of my time was Mrs. Edelman's first grade class—especially her stories about “Fancy Aunt Gloria”!​​

Chuck Zodda ’02

Member at Large

Hometown: Framingham, MA
Secondary school: St. Mark's School
College: Dartmouth College
What I’m up to: I work in Needham, MA as a financial advisor, and I am the co-host of “The Financial Exchange Radio Show.” I live in Westwood, MA with my wife, Jessi.
Favorite Fessenden memories: My favorite memories are Fessy pizza and winning back-to-back New England soccer championships.

If you are interested in learning more about the Alumni Executive Committee, contact Myrhia Brewer, Director of Alumni Engagement and Development, at or 617-630-2310.

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