Fessy Cup

Fessenden Ice Rink
The Fessy Cup is a traditional intramural hockey tournament open to any student in grades 5-9, regardless of what sport they played during the regular season. The requirement is that they must have (or can borrow) full hockey equipment. Boys are asked to pre-register and then coaches will divide all the participants into a number of even sized teams (depending on the sign up) to participate in the tourney over these three days. Teams will play preliminary rounds the first two days followed by the consolation and finals games on day three. Boys must be able to participate on all three days to be eligible for a team. Mr. Tuttle is the commissioner of this event, and he will make announcements and organize the registration of the boys for this tournament. Please direct any questions you might have to at . Multiple games will be played between 2:30-4:30p.m. each day depending on the size of the registration and the number of teams.

See the link to the schedule for Day 2 games below (will be posted Tuesday night).

Day 2 Schedule and Rosters  scroll down to see schedule
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