CANCELLED- Mud Week - Day 2

Students in Grades 7-9 are required to participate in a sport of their choice five days a week during all three seasons (fall, winter, and spring). At the end of each season there is an optional period of one or more weeks (depending on the season) called Mud Week, where boys can participate in numerous informal activities during the normal sports time 2:50-4:10. Day students have the option of leaving at 2:50. Families have often found this to be the best time to organize doctor and dentist appointments, etc...or to allow for some quality down-time between seasons. For students who wish to stay on campus, Mud Week activities allow them to experience athletic choices in the upcoming season, or non-traditional fun activities like ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, floor hockey, and swimming in the pool in the late spring. A schedule of the offerings is available on My Fessy and on divisional bulletin boards.  Each night boys in grades 7-9 will receive an email asking them to check a box that denotes their plans for the next day (an activity, going home, etc.) so that we can account for them each afternoon during Mud Week.

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