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Partners in Parenting

It truly takes a village, and we’re proud of ours.
When your family considers boarding school, it’s hard not to wonder: “Who’s watching out for my son?” At Fessenden, our answer is: “Everyone.”
For starters, 75 percent of Upper School faculty make their homes right here on campus—and several are raising families here, as well. Many have been teaching, coaching, and serving at Fessenden for 20 to 30 years, and they’ve chosen to be here because they truly believe in our mission to educate and support boys during these critical developmental years.
As a Fessenden parent, you’ll spend quality time with your son celebrating his successes and exploring his newfound passions as you connect on campus, via technology, and at home. While some parents are understandably concerned they’ll feel distanced from their son, many of our parents report that family bonds strengthen as a result of their son joining us. And while he’s on campus, you can rest assured that someone’s looking out for him.

Here are just a few of the ways our community of caring adults interact with the boys:
  • We teach, support, and coach in the classroom, on the playing field, at family-style meals, and at any hour of the day, whenever he needs nurturing and reassurance.
  • Our headmaster cheers alongside students during a football-watching party in the Common Room.
  • A teacher plays chess or basketball with students during their free time, or a coach stops in the dormitory to check in on a player after a tough loss.
  • A dorm parent reminds a boy to brush his teeth and wishes him sweet dreams.
  • Teachers--some of whom are also dorm parents--meet with students before or after dinner for extra homework help.
  • We remind boys to call home to check in with their parents, or to get their laundry ready at night for drop off the following morning.

Our residential faculty is CPR and first-aid certified, and our healthcare staff gladly accommodate customized plans. We’re equipped to address common boarding school issues regarding study habits, homesickness, general counseling needs, and more. And while we encourage and cultivate independence among students, we ensure their safety with multiple check-ins throughout the day at meals, study halls, and during free time.

Our close-knit community of teachers, coaches, community members, other students, and even families of faculty members collaboratively enhance your own parenting efforts. We create a supportive and personalized home-away-from-home experience, model positive character traits and habits, and nurture your son toward a rewarding future—one that he’ll be proud to share with you as your relationship with him blossoms.

It truly takes a village, and we’re proud of ours.

Fessenden’s Boarding Program: One Family’s Story

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