Grades 5-9

The Experience

In the Middle and Upper Schools, each day at Fessenden transforms a boy just a bit, leaving him stronger and wiser. Boys constantly have opportunities to equate challenge with adventure, and to greet with enthusiasm what’s new, different, and not always easy. As they evolve from kind, eager boys to passionate young men, Fessenden’s Middle and Upper School students embody these ideals: Take responsibility for yourself while being a trusting and respectful member of the community. Seek ways to improve the world around you. Pursue your passions. Ask for help, and move forward knowing that, should you stumble, someone will be there with a steadying hand.

Boarders and day students alike are immersed in a diverse culture that comes from a campus community of local, national, and international students. Fessenden has created an academic experience that both nurtures and encourages boys to venture beyond their comfort zones. To strive, to interact, to claim their identities with both confidence and humility:

This is the Middle and Upper School experience.
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