Grades 5-9
The Experience

Middle School: Grades 5-6

As he enters the Middle School (Grades 5 and 6), a boy’s focus evolves from “me” to “we.” He begins to understand his relationship to the world around him, while also learning self-reliance. Whether he enters from Fessenden’s Lower School or begins the Middle School as a new Fessenden student, he brings a solid foundation of academic skills. With the support of the Fessenden community, he explores a wide range of interests and starts to discover his passions. Boys now have the option to board five or seven days a week, or to enroll as day students.

Here, boys transition from a self-contained classroom to a team-teaching approach, in which interdisciplinary units generate excitement and help boys understand the connections between subjects. Team teaching bolsters a boy’s support network and reinforces our approach, as teachers gather regularly to plan new academic projects and review each boy’s progress.

We recognize that boys mature intellectually and emotionally at different paces. We also understand that boys need to play and run, refreshing their bodies and minds—so we save time for outdoor recess every day. Numerous athletic teams give boys the chance to exercise and demonstrate leadership.

We’re proud of our Middle School outcomes: boys with strong study, time management, and organizational skills; an ever-growing list of interests and passions; and a broader worldview—all of which set them up for success in the Upper School and beyond.
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