Grades 5-9
The Experience

Our Approach

In the Fessenden Middle and Upper Schools, a boy isn’t just “good at math” or “artsy.” We see him from all angles: as he finishes a prototype in the iLab, plays the djembe drum during a school concert, skis during a weekend trip, bakes cookies with a dorm family, and wins a race on the Charles River with his crew.

At Fessenden, our approach to education and development involves nurturing and supporting a boy in and out of the classroom. How do we do this? With 40 staff and faculty families making their homes right here on campus, our community members defy traditional roles. A teacher is a coach, a dorm parent, a mentor, and a friend. And for this age group, boys can be even more immersed in our community through our five- and seven-day boarding options.

In the Middle and Upper Schools:
  • A first-rate a capella singer is also a star lacrosse player
  • The hockey coach teaches prepositions in English class
  • An academic advisor chats with students over a pizza lunch
  • Boarding students from diverse backgrounds benefit from the support of more than 40 families living on campus, as well as ever-changing weekend activities for every interest

As a result of this approach, we witness incredible outcomes: boys who seek out intellectual risk and new experiences; who demonstrate honesty, compassion, and respect; and who thrive at top secondary schools and successfully navigate the world beyond.
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