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Fessy vs Catholic Memorial

Fessenden JVA boys put up a great fight against Catholic Memorial. The final score was 47-37, with Catholic Memorial sneaking by with a win.

Notable plays from the game:
  • Daniel got a rebound. Passed to Jojo across the court. Jojo passed to Adrien who took a shot. Rohan grabbed the offensive rebound and made the put-back.
  • Cedric passed an out of bounds play in to Diaby who dribble in and scored a layup.
  • Fast break by Jake who passed it down low to Daniel for a shot.
  • Dylan C played great man-to-man defense.
  • Dylan A drove in and was fouled on a shot. He made the next two free throws. He went on to make another two free throws later in the game.
  • Diaby got an offensive rebound and was fouled on his put-back. He went to the line to make one of his foul shots.
  • Jason made a couple nice outside shots.
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