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Game 3 vs. Fay School

Game 3 vs. Fay, Tie 2-2

GP - Phin H.

Game 3 against Fay was an even, competitive match between two teams who played with consistent effort, intelligence and poise, eventually ending in a 2-2 tie after three periods plus 5 additional minutes of overtime. In the opening minutes Fessy maintained possession in the offensive end, generating several quality scoring changes.  But Fay’s goalie was equal to the task and kept the game scoreless. During this time Nolan E. and Liam G. played pivotal roles both defending and setting up clean defense-to-offense transitions. Lucas L., Alex. R. and Ben. F also contributed in a significant role playing critical minutes on the blue line, and exhibiting sound decision-making while forechecking and defending. Scoreless after the first period, Fay capitalized on a face-off win and deke move, opening the scoring halfway through the 2nd period.  The ensuing play featured creative offense at both ends, with several noteworthy chances coming from “low-to-high” passes to Alex. M., Phin H., Nolan E. and Liam G. at their point positions. Despite generating sustained offense and chances, the puck still hadn’t found its way into the back of the Fay net. That finally changed with 2 minutes left in the second period when Phin H. took control of the puck in the neutral zone, skated across the red line, then passed to Kota S. on the left who carried the puck into the offensive zone and shot from the top of the left circle. The puck deflected off a Fay defender and over to Phin H. who quickly snapped the puck into the net before the goaltender could adjust. But the 1-1 score would not last long, as Fay regained the lead one minute later.  The score would remain 2-1 through most of the 3rd period, but Fessy, once again, tied the game with 4:30 left in regulation on a play that began in the defensive zone. Neil W. won the defensive zone face-off and created space for Phin H. to set up a breakout.  Phin's pass to Will G. on the right boards was quickly redirected by Will to Neil W who accelerated through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone, splitting the Fay defensemen and deking the goalie for the tying goal.  The 3rd period ended without any further scoring, and an additional 5-minutes of spirited play in overtime did not settle the game in favor of either team. Thus, game 3 ended in a 2-2 tie, a fitting end to a game played by two well matched teams.
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