CM vs Fessenden

Incredible start to the season from the JVA-1 Team! Coach Morgan and I were so proud of the work ethic and talent from each player in today's game. We have 12 players who deserve to have a starting spot on this team, which is shows promise for the rest of the season.

Here are some areas of growth:
  • Rebounding consistently on defense. CM scored a couple points off offensive rebounds in this game.
  • Boxing out before grabbing the rebound
  • Not dribbling immediately after a rebound. Look to pass to our guards rather than giving up your dribble.
  • More communication down low when in zone defense. Can't let CM run behind us without telling each other.
  • Watch the passes in the paint, elbows, and foul line when in a zone defense.
Here are some highlights from the game:
  • Stephane and Osiris had lots of points come from rebound and put backs 
  • Barrett played strong down low using spin moves and strong dribbles to go up with the ball
  • Khimani got a rebound, passed it to Josh, who passed it to Barrett for a quick breakaway
  • Jax, Ollie, and Josh did a great job calling the plays today
  • Griff and Finn made strong rebounds off both defense and offense
  • Finn, Brennan, and Matt did a fabulous job taking advantage of breakaways of a steal or rebound
  • We practiced our plays a bit in this game which was helpful as they are brand new to us.
  • We had points scored from every player on the bench today.
  • We were able to pass eight times before taking a shot, in the second half.
  • The new "Amazon" inbounds play worked and we were able to score at least 4 points off it this game
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