Sparhawk vs Fessenden

Fessenden wins 48-13!

  • Missed a few defensive rebounds
  • Fouled off missed rebounds
  • Needed to utilize the foul line more on offense because it was open
  • Got beat on the baseline a couple times on defense.
  • Josh swung the ball to Barrett for an open three-point shot
  • Osiris, Stephane, and Khimani utilized the foul line better as the game progressed
  • Ollie, Jax, and Brennan were very aggressive in the 2-3 zone defense
  • Alex stepped up and tried a new position today as the 3
  • Matt and Finn helped with rebounding and protecting the block against this taller team.
  • Barrett made 3 or 4 three-point shots...on fire!
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