Pre-K–Grade 4
The Experience

21st Century Learning

At Fessenden, 21st century learning begins in Pre-K. We believe that the right mix of skills, character traits, knowledge, and habits developed in early years will benefit a student as he confidently makes his way through his educational journey.

We focus on two complementary skill sets:
  1. The “three Rs” (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic): Skills that bolster confidence and motivate young thinkers to fully participate in the 21st century classroom.
  2. The “six Cs”: Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, character, and cross-cultural competency.
In the Lower School, 21st century learning comes to life in exciting and hands-on ways. Classroom teachers facilitate projects and activities that encourage boys to create, explore, and innovate. We embrace the inherently messy and non-linear nature of the creative process. Through project-based learning, boys solve problems collaboratively, developing unique solutions to open-ended challenges. And our students reap the benefits of the constant technological upgrades and improvements we make to campus resources and facilities.
Fessenden’s 21st century learning approach provides boys with essential skills and learning habits. Upon completing the Lower School program, young boys know how to think and problem-solve as lifelong, independent learners.
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