Pre-K–Grade 4
The Experience

Pre-K-Grade 4 Program

Boys in the Lower School dash into the classroom each day, excited to take on new adventures—to think, move, laugh, and play in a stimulating and supportive setting. Lessons are hands-on experiences that blend traditional subject areas (language arts, science, social studies, and math) and extend them to include social, emotional, and physical learning and growth.

We channel the enthusiasm of boys when they are bursting with energy, and nurture them when they are thoughtful and quiet. We build a foundation in core academics, encouraging boys to ask questions. At the same time, we encourage them to be good friends to one another, and we help them understand that learning can happen in and out of the classroom, through conversation and community.
Students incorporate movement into their days, using their bodies to demonstrate math concepts or taking impromptu group runs around campus between classes. Boys take on roles and responsibilities, such as helping serve food at our family-style lunches, or walking a fellow classmate to the nurse.

The Lower School program is filled with days that leave a boy happily exhausted, bubbling with news of what he saw, heard, and did. By the time he graduates from the Lower School, he is excited and well prepared, socially and intellectually, for the challenges and adventures of the Middle School, Upper School, and beyond.
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