Pre-K–Grade 4
The Experience
Pre-K-Grade 4 Program

Grade 1

Fessenden’s first grade classrooms are places for boys to grow into capable and independent learners, and become students who are undeterred by risk.

Engaging first grade activities keep young boys absorbed and active participants in the learning process. Project-based, hands-on lessons presented through play allow students to develop communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. When they “play” with information, they ultimately learn, as they work, to draw their own conclusions—a process that improves retention and inevitably encourages boys to understand concepts, not just facts.

While class routines and rhythms are consistent, no two days are alike. The pace of the day moves quickly, with many venue changes and activities augmented with technology. Students focus on reading, writing, and math in the morning, while they are fresh and energized. “Specials,” such as music, art, and physical education, are clustered in the middle of the day, providing boys with an opportunity to move around campus to a variety of spaces and instructors. We give ample time for a family-style lunch, and follow it with recess or physical education to give boys a chance to play and channel excess energy.

Meet the Grade 1 Team

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    Maisha Sport 

    Grade 1
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    Haley Cook 

    Grade 1
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