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Pre-K-Grade 4 Program

Grade 4

Fourth grade is a formative year in which boys create strong, meaningful connections with peers and take on increased responsibility for individual learning. As leaders of the Lower School, these boys broaden their contributions to the wider school community.

Teaching happens within and beyond the classroom walls, keeping learning fresh, fun, focused, and hands-on whenever possible. Lessons allow boys opportunities to think deeply and reflect together as a class on complex themes. Core curriculum objectives, enhanced with elements of critical thinking, self-assessment, collaborative conversation, and journal writing, allow boys to take part in a robust learning process. Laptops, iPads, smartboards, and library tools are used in different ways to complement various learning styles. Boys are encouraged to become contributing citizens as they learn about current events.

Character education and development occur when we provide guidance and space for boys to make their own decisions--with teachers’ support--about managing time, resources, independent and collaborative work, peer relationships, and challenges that arise along the way.

At the end of the fourth grade year, our boys are poised to enter the Middle School with a firm grasp on established skills and learning tools--and with greater independence and maturity.

Meet the Grade 4 Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Marjorie Hendrick

    Marjorie Hendrick 

    Grade 4
    (617) 630-2337
  • Photo of Suzanne Krupienski

    Suzanne Krupienski 

    Grade 4
  • Photo of Harriet Dorion

    Harriet Dorion 

    Grade 4, Hyde II Dorm Parent
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