Located 10 minutes west of Boston, Fessenden is a Pre-K to Grade 9 boarding and day school for boys. We enroll more than 500 students, including 100 boarders in the upper grades from 13 countries and many U.S. states. A faculty and staff of close to 200 provide a challenging educational program with a unique level of support for maturing boys.

For over 100 years we have been committed to the education of boys, and our facilities, curriculum, and programs are designed with the necessities of boys in mind. Faculty programs include ongoing professional development relating to the education of boys, cultural competency, project-based learning, academic technology, and differentiated instruction. We seek qualified and experienced faculty and staff who embody our core values of honesty, compassion, and respect, and who support the objective of educating boys to become responsible young men of character. Qualified candidates are interested in contributing to a vibrant school community, both in and out of the classroom.

Current Openings

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  • English Language Learner Long-Term Substitute Teacher

    Position Summary

    The Fessenden School’s Upper School seeks an English Language Learner (ELL) Substitute Teacher for September to November 2022. The ELL Substitute Teacher works with students who typically have intermediate proficiency in English for Grades 5-9. The ELL Substitute Teacher is responsible for teaching 3 classes of 8-10 boys in English, history and language, being a member of one of the Upper School grade teams, and teaching small group ELL tutorials as assigned. 

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  • Long-Term Kindergarten Substitute Teacher

    Position Summary

    The Fessenden School seeks a Long-Term Substitute Co-Kindergarten Teacher for a self-contained class of 12 to 16 boys. The subbing assignment is expected to run from November 2022 to April 2023.  The Substitute will be responsible for teaching math, social studies, language arts, and reading and assisting in the teaching and integration of Spanish, science, library curriculum and the arts. An integral part of this role is partnering with and complementing the other co-teacher in order to provide the students with a cohesive approach to all aspects of their kindergarten experience.

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  • Food Service Utility Person / Dishwasher

    Position Summary

    The Dish and General Utility position is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards for pots, pans, glassware, tableware, cooking utensils, etc., using machine and manual cleaning methods. This position also ensures the dishwashing area is maintained as a clean, safe, and sanitary facility.

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  • Registered Nurse / School Nurse

    Position Summary

    The Fessenden School seeks a part-time School Nurse for the 2022-2023 school year. The School Nurse reports to the Health Center Director, and assists in the development, implementation, and management of a coordinated school health program, which is consistent with The Fessenden School’s philosophy and school nursing guidelines. The part-time schedule is for approximately 10-14 hours every other weekend including: day and evening hours with on-call and possible overnight shifts. 

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  • Ice Rink Operator

    Position Summary

    The Fessenden School Ice Rink is looking for an Ice Rink Operator. This will be a part time, seasonal position. Nights and weekends are a must during hockey season. The Ice Rink Operator will oversee the day-to-day operations of the ice arena which will include cleaning and driving the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer.

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  • Pre-K/K Extended Day Program Teacher

    Position Summary

    The Fessenden School’s Extended Day Program (EDP) seeks a part-time Pre-K/K After School Teacher to work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:15pm to 4:30pm and 11:30pm to 4:30pm on Wednesdays during the school year. The Pre-K/K After School Teacher is responsible for leading students in a safe and engaging after school experience and reports directly to the Extended Day Program Director.

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  • Childcare Center Substitute Teacher

    Fessenden Children’s Center seeks Substitute Teachers to join our team. Responsibilities will include implementing daily activities that assist the children between 12 week and 5 years-old  with mastery of age-appropriate developmental milestones.  For more information or to apply click here
  • Substitute Teachers

    The Fessenden School seeks Short-Term and Long-Term Substitute Teachers. To apply click here.

Core Benefits

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  • Insurance Plans

    Full-time employees participate in:
    • Tufts Health Insurance (75% of premium is covered by the School)
    • Delta Dental Insurance
    • Group Life Insurance (100% of premium is covered by the School)
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance (100% of premium covered by the School)
  • Retirement Savings Plan

    All employees are eligible to contribute. After meeting eligibility criteria, matching and non-elective contributions from the School are available.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    Full-time employees may contribute to a Health Care Account and/or Dependent Care Account
  • Employee Assistance Program

    Fessenden's employee assistance program provides counseling, coaching and other resources to support the wellness of all regular employees.
  • Paid Time Off

    Paid sick, personal, vacation and holiday are available according to work schedule.  Parental and medical leave benefits are subject to eligibility criteria and approval.
  • Fessenden Tuition Remission / Discounts

    Full-time employees:
    • For sons who meet admissions standards:
      • School Tuition: 90% and if eligible, may apply for financial aid
      • Extended Day Program / After School Care: 100% until 4:15pm
      • Skills Center / Academic Tutoring: 25% 
    • For all sons and daughters:
      • Day Camp/ Sports Camp: 90% 
      • Children's Center / Day Care: 20% 
    Part-time employees:
    • For sons who meet admissions standards School Tuition, Extended Day Program and Skills Center/Academic Tutoring  is prorated based on work schedule 
    • For all sons and daughters:
      • Day Camp/ Sports Camp: prorated based on work schedule
      • Children's Center / Day Care: 20% for care during scheduled work hours
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education Reimbursement

    Fessenden encourages both faculty and staff to take advantage of professional development and may financially support in whole or part employees for approved courses of study, workshops and conferences.
  • Additional Benefits

    • All employees are welcome to enjoy a half-hour lunch provided by campus dining.
    • Campus athletic facilities (with B&G approval) and, when available, two outdoor swimming pools may be used by employees and their families.
    • Plenty of free parking


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  • Professional Standards

    Serving our Inclusive Global Community

    Inclusive practices advance the School and make it more welcoming for students, families, faculty and staff.

    Fessenden Employees:
    • Treat others with honesty, compassion, and respect.
    • Honor diversity; promote a healthy respect for individual differences and affirm commonalities.
    • Seek to learn from those who have differing opinions.
    • Promote a community that rejects prejudice, bullying, and elitism, renouncing behavior that excludes others.
    • Demonstrate a sensitivity and openness to different cultures, values, and beliefs.
    • Center decisions around the safety, well-being, and growth of students.


    Mindful communication cultivates caring and trusting relationships that support the community.

    Fessenden Employees:
    • Strive for clear, supportive communication that engenders trust, respect, and understanding.
    • Communicate with students in a way that is developmentally appropriate in regard to cognitive, moral, and social emotional development of boys 5-14 years old.
    • Develop effective professional relationships with colleagues through regular and open dialogue.
    • Communicate effectively, and in a timely manner, to parents with regard to students’ growth, behavior, and well-being.


    Responsibility for personal conduct fosters a respectful, collaborative community.

    Fessenden Employees:
    • Together, further the school’s mission of inclusivity by treating all members of the community with kindness and respect.
    • Exhibit moral and ethical behavior in all community interactions.
    • Approach all situations, especially those of confidential nature, with discretion, respect, and sensitivity.
    • Conduct themselves conscientiously:
      • punctually and mindfully performing assigned duties and responsibilities
      • supporting and implementing school policies
      • maintaining an open line of dialogue with direct supervisors
      • demonstrating adherence to published reporting timelines
      • attending all required meetings
      • dressing professionally and appropriately
      • maintaining open and inviting workspaces

    Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Students

    As employees of this learning and teaching community, we understand that we have special duties of care for our students, and we must act in their best interests.

    Fessenden Employees:
    • Commit to establishing and maintaining relationships that reflect our professional roles and to acting as role models.
    • Commit, in our relationships with students, to maintaining clear and appropriate boundaries.
    • Recognize the power we, as adults, have in our relationship with students, and seek to use such influence to promote autonomy and healthy childhood development.
    • Accept accountability for the impact of our actions and words on the children in our care.
    • Seek advice and share concerns about any issues of student safety or well-being.

    21st Century Learning

    Ongoing professional development enriches the school community and promotes personal growth.

    Fessenden Employees:
    • Commit to best practices through ongoing professional development and through setting and meeting goals.
    • Reflect on practice, and learn from experience.
    • Share knowledge and resources with other members of the community to advance the school.
    • Evaluate and effectively utilize information, media, and technology, to enhance growth.

    21st Century Teaching

    Thoughtful, deliberate, and research based instruction and guidance enable boys to construct and express their understanding of themselves and the world.

    Fessenden Teachers:
    • Utilize project based learning, educational resources and technology, cultural competence, and character education to help build student understanding.
    • Create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for boys that value creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, connectivity, communication, and character.  
    • Nurture a positive classroom culture; ensure a safe, responsive, and productive learning environment to inspire, motivate, and challenge boys.
    • Design, implement, and map curriculum that clearly defines essential questions, content, skills, assessment, and resources.
    • Meet the range of educational needs in the classroom by designing and implementing well-structured and differentiated learning experiences with clear learning objectives.
    • Assess student growth regularly, in a variety of ways, providing timely and meaningful feedback.
  • Inclusion Statement

    At Fessenden, inclusion means building a community whose spirit and purpose is based on mutual respect and care. It is vital that each member feels recognized and valued. Inclusion is an essential part of our mission to cultivate each student’s potential and develop each boy’s mind, character, and heart. We believe that differences of backgrounds, perspectives and cultures are integral to preparing boys to be successful young men in a global community. Ongoing, mindful practice of inclusion requires both individual and institutional commitment to self-examination and learning. We further our mission to be a joyfully inclusive community by aligning policies, curriculum, and decision-making to support diversity and inclusion. Inclusion is at the heart of how we treat each other in our daily interactions.

    We are guided by and are committed to the following community principles:
    • Treat others with honesty and respect
    • Practice compassion; make an effort to understand and care for others
    • Honor diversity; promote a healthy respect for individual differences and affirm commonalities
    • Celebrate individual potential; nurture the many ways boys learn
    • Reject prejudice, bullying, and elitism; renounce behavior that excludes others
    • Engage in open, trusting dialogue; seek to learn from those who have differing opinions
    • Serve, to strengthen our inclusive community
  • Visa Sponsorship

    We are interested in every qualified candidate, however, we are currently not able to sponsor employment visas.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Fessenden School believes that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, ancestry, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local anti-discrimination laws. The School’s equal employment opportunity practices extend to recruitment, hiring, selection, compensation, benefits, transfer, conditions, and privileges of employment.
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