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The Upper School
The Upper School boys at our New England boarding and day school enjoy academic opportunities and facilities that rival the country’s top secondary schools, with age-appropriate supervision and support. Students are fully engaged in learning, taking advantage of higher-level classes, cultivating leadership skills, and becoming more independent both in and out of the classroom. With a growing responsibility to navigate their daily schedule, deadlines, and academic and extracurricular activities, students are well-equipped for life after Fessenden.
Individualized Academic Challenge

Individualized Academic Challenge

The academic bar is set high for Fessenden Upper School boys, and they’re encouraged to stretch themselves to reach it. Through student-led projects and collaborative work, boys move from concrete to abstract concepts, applying ideas and lived experiences to problem solving and life in general. Students are able to follow their curiosity and explore topics that interest them, driving their quest for knowledge and developing confidence that fuels their excitement and passion for learning. 

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With faculty adept in recognizing student strengths and opportunities, small class sizes allow for increased individualization to align with varied learning styles and levels of academic challenge.

This personalized approach enables Fessenden boys to learn at their best and reach their potential, becoming independent learners who are innovative, creative, respectful, and prepared to work collaboratively.

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Upper school boys

Upper School boys have a special energy. They are ready to be agents in their own growth and are capable of achieving goals never before imagined. It is our responsibility and our opportunity to create an environment that challenges and supports each boy in this character development and self-actualization. Nothing is more rewarding than this endeavor...

With a gentle redirection, a moment to voice a rebuttal, a helpful opportunity to try again, or a nod of encouragement, these boys shine.”

—Becca Palm, Head of Upper School