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Why I Give

Alumni photo: Michael Akande

Michael Akande ’10

I look back on my time spent at Fessenden as one of the most pivotal/essential points in my life, and I can honestly say that my experiences at Fessy have played a direct role in shaping both who and where I am today.

Some of my favorite memories come from my time there, and I learned so much more than just what I was taught in the classroom. I give back to Fessenden for these reasons. I want to help the next generation of young men from all walks of life have a chance to experience all that Fessy has to offer, as I was able to. I give back because of the lifelong friends I made there, and the genuine relationships I formed with teachers, staff, coaches, etc. I'm truly blessed to have been able to attend Fessenden, and I give back to ensure that future students get the chance to as well.”

Alumni photo: Steve Krikorian

Steve Krikorian ’98

I give to Fessenden for the collective reason that I had a wonderful experience there as a student and many memorable experiences even after I graduated and I want to do my part to foster the community that made this possible. 

Fessenden prepared me quite well for the academic challenges of Exeter but what reserves it a permanent place in my heart are the memories of soccer & hockey practices with Coaches Hansen and Thomson (playing alongside us), rehearsing for the school plays with Mr. Alton, playing Lyons Ball during gym class, having sleepovers in the dorms, field trips to museums and plays, summer baseball camps, carpool shenanigans and countless other memories that still come up from time to time in conversation with the lifelong friends I met during my time at Fessy. Because the Faculty at Fessenden are your teachers but also your coaches and dorm parents, they develop strong connections with each of the students and their families. And so, they have a deep sense of responsibility for both the academic and social development of each boy as they progress to becoming young men. I’m grateful for my Fessenden experience and I donate to ensure the community stays vibrant and that others get the same opportunities that the school enabled for me.”

Alumni photo: William G. Curtis

William G. Curtis V ’77 P ’18, ’19, ’19

Fessenden has done more for me than I have done for Fessenden! I have enjoyed being a part of this community since the first day I arrived from New York City to move into Hyde III in 1975.

My three sons were at Fessenden for the last three years—a very special time for our family. The School has had such a positive effect on my life over many years—not to mention my sons’ lives—that saying ‘thank you’ will never be enough. I feel fortunate that I have been able to share my gratitude for the School throughout the years by supporting the Annual Fund, as well as the arts and ice hockey programs.”

Alumni photo: Ji-Sung Park

Ji-Sung Park ’99

The years since my graduation back in 1999 have flown by. My days at Fessenden were the happiest days of my life, and I still have all the vivid memories I made as a proud Fessy boy—working on Mr. Paine’s science projects, practicing tackles on the football field with Mr. Cincotta, and serving as a dorm proctor in Hyde 1.

Fessy made me a smarter person academically, as well as a stronger and healthier man physically. Most importantly, it made me a respectful son and, simply, a better human being. Twenty years later, I still get the same level of joy and excitement from the School as my nephew, Evan Hur, who is currently experiencing all of the same greatness that I did when I was there. My family is extremely proud of continuing our ties with Fessenden. Giving back is a small way for me to show my appreciation for what the School has meant to me throughout my entire life. I hope my contributions can help young Fessy boys have as meaningful and powerful of an experience as I had.”


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