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21st Century Learning

In the Middle and Upper Schools, Fessenden’s 21st century learning approach is designed to fuel a love of learning. By working together, boys can answer key questions, solve problems, or invent something entirely new.

The Fessenden difference is in our student-centered, teacher-supported approach that promotes interactive exchange over direct instruction, collaboration over competition, and learning for life over learning for school. It is both project-based and passion-based, because when a boy taps into a deep-rooted interest, he’s more invested in the process. We help students if they get stuck, but the true magic happens when the boys are in the driver’s seat.
The outcomes of our 21st century learning approach lead boys to master the “six Cs”: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, character, and cross-cultural competency. They are unafraid to fail, resilient enough to try again, and insatiably curious. They know how to solve problems related to their own passions—and to the broader, cross-cultural, high-tech world they are poised to inherit.
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