Grades 5-9
The Experience

Character Education

At Fessenden, our program is centered on character education: a deliberate focus on honesty, compassion, and respect in an inclusive community.

Character is as vital to our culture and curriculum as are science labs and soccer practice--and has been since our founding. It’s woven into music lessons, meal times, and basketball drills. It’s evident in our interactions with one another and in the choices we make when no one is looking.
Community creates character, and Fessenden is uniquely suited to help boys develop strong character. We’re a “24-hour school” with more than 100 boarders and 40 families living on campus. Through 24/7 immersion in a respectful, compassionate, and selfless culture, our residential community sets a high standard for the rest of the school.

Character education is intentional and all-encompassing to the student’s experience. It comprises four major components:
  • Strengthening emotional/physical well-being
  • Promoting service learning
  • Teaching core values
  • Developing leadership skills

Self-reflecting, embracing kindness, developing and demonstrating empathy--and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. That’s character education at Fessenden.
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