Pre-K–Grade 4

Tuition & Financial Aid

2023-2024 Lower School Tuition

TUITION (lunch/books/materials included)
  • Pre-Kindergarten
    • Full-Day: $36,300
    • Blended: $31,800
    • Half-Day: $27,500
  • Kindergarten: $39,500
  • Grade 1: $41,300
  • Grade 2: $43,100
  • Grade 3: $44,500
  • Grade 4: $46,400

2023-2024 Lower School Fees

  • Skills Center Remediation: $3,300 per year for a weekly, 45-minute, individual session
  • Private Music Lessons: $58.75 per 30-minute session
  • Lower School Extended Day Program (Please note, the rates below are 2022-2023 rates. The 2023-2024 rates will be posted in August 2023):
    • $31.50 per day for 4:30 p.m. pick-up
    • $49.00 per day for 5:30 p.m. pick-up
    • $44 per day for Pre-K & Kindergarten students to attend EDP from 11:40 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. on half-day Wednesdays. The fee includes lunch for participants.
    • $11.00 per day to provide coverage for the gap between Lower School dismissal (2:40 p.m.) and Middle School siblings' early sports dismissal (3:10 p.m.).


Financial Aid

Students selected for admissions to Fessenden’s Lower School are chosen for their potential to grow and thrive in a challenging classroom setting. They represent a wide range of racial, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
Fessenden's financial aid program was designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from and contribute to our community, regardless of their families’ financial situations. While it is the parents’ responsibility to finance their child's education insofar as they are able, not every family can afford the tuition at Fessenden.
The school has limited financial aid resources and makes a sincere effort to responsibly evaluate each request for aid. As part of that evaluation, Fessenden, like most independent schools, utilizes School & Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Based on a written application, SSS assesses a family’s resources to determine how much that family can afford for education. The Fessenden Financial Aid Committee then determines an appropriate grant based on student need, the school’s priorities, and financial aid resources.
Financial aid applications are due February 1st.

For families applying for financial aid, this link will lead you to the online Parent's Financial Statement, or "PFS," which is required in order to apply for financial aid at independent schools. The PFS form should be submitted in early January.

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