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full-time counseling staff
The Fessenden experience prepares each boy, academically and personally, to succeed at his best-fit secondary school. Our full-time counseling staff has worked in admissions offices at private secondary schools across the country. They use their knowledge to help our day and boarding school students put their best foot forward in the application process.
Secondary School Counselor Information

What Does “Best Fit” Mean at Fessenden?

Fessenden boys each have a unique combination of academic ability, talents, and interests, and each family has different priorities. Similarly, secondary schools differ widely in academic challenge, size, structure, location, and other factors. Our counseling staff have a broad understanding of the variety of schools Fessenden students and their families consider. They provide insight into how a target school's offerings and community match each boy's personal strengths and goals.

What Do Secondary School Counselors Do?

We know there are no shortcuts or "hacks" in the secondary-school admissions process. Our full-time counseling staff are embedded in the life of the Upper School, so we know each Fessenden boy personally before admissions season starts. Through seminars, practice sessions, and one-on-one coaching, we help boys learn to reflect on and package their Fessenden experiences—inside and outside the classroom—for applications, essays, and interviews.

Admissions Preparation

Secondary School Admissions Preparation

Our Secondary School Counseling team assists and supports students and families throughout the application process, including:

  • Inviting 80+ school admissions officers to meet with Fessenden students on campus through fairs and campus visits
  • On-site SSAT prep and testing (a fee-based service provided by Summit Educational Group)
  • Application-writing seminars
  • Interview practice sessions
  • Electronic transcript, recommendation, and portfolio delivery
  • Financial aid advising
  • Chaperoned secondary school visits and revisits upon acceptance, as needed

A Track Record of Success

Over the past five years, nearly 100 percent of Fessenden ninth grade graduates have been admitted to schools on their lists—including some of the most selective day and boarding schools in the country. That's a testament not only to the quality of our dedicated Secondary School Counseling staff, but also the teachers and staff across our campus who make an indelible impact on each student's education and personal development.

Meet Fessenden’s Secondary School Counseling Team

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