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Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid at The Fessenden School

Families must apply for financial aid each year their child attends Fessenden. We use Clarity for financial aid applications. Based on information families provide via the Clarity financial aid application, Fessenden determines whether a financial aid grant can be offered to that family. The decision is based on a family’s financial need, as well as Fessenden’s currently available financial aid resources. Please contact us for more information about the application process.


Important Financial Aid Dates

  • We recommend that families start the financial aid process in early October and submit the Clarity financial aid application as soon as possible.
  • The deadline for financial aid applications is February 1.
  • Families will be informed of financial aid decisions with their acceptance letter.
Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid

Families should begin by completing the financial aid application on the Clarity website. Please also upload any additional required documentation.

 The deadline for the financial aid application is February 1

No, Fessenden encourages families to apply for assistance if they need it.

Yes, you may apply for financial assistance in subsequent years if there has been a significant change in your financial situation from when you first applied.

Fessenden offers financial assistance based on a family's need.

Families who have applied for financial assistance and are accepted to Fessenden, will receive their award letter with their acceptance letter. For day students, March 8 is when admissions decisions are conveyed to parents through the Ravenna portal. Boarding decisions are made on a rolling basis, and a financial aid award would accompany those decisions.

Financial aid awards are grants and do not have to be repaid.

Families applying for financial assistance must submit a new application each year. Unless there is a significant change in your financial circumstances, families will receive a similar award for each year their son attends Fessenden.

Yes, in many cases, financial assistance will cover additional expenses such as academic tutoring, Extended Day Program (an after-school program available for Lower School students), transportation, elective courses with fees, and some athletic fees.

Yes, Fessenden offers a two-payment plan or a nine-payment plan for families that would like to space their payments over the year.