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Volunteer Opportunities at The Fessenden School

There are various engagement opportunities and committees available for alumni of the School. Below you will find descriptions of several committees—if you would like to learn more about reconnecting with the School in a meaningful way, please contact Myrhia Brewer, Director of Alumni Engagement and Development at mbrewer@fessenden.org or 617-630-2312.

Job Title: Class Agent Volunteer

Works With: Development Office, Alumni Executive Committee, Director of Alumni Engagement and Development

Summary: As a Class Agent Volunteer, you represent Fessenden in your efforts to keep your classmates connected with the School and one another. Through this role, you will work with the School to promote alumni engagement through event attendance and volunteerism, and encourage financial support from members of your class. Alumni are more likely to support the Annual Fund when contacted by a classmate; therefore, a strong Annual Fund is only possible through the efforts of our Class Agent Volunteers. Your work is critical to the Fessenden’s success each year, and in the long-term. Class Agent Volunteers also play a vital role in keeping classmates connected by maintaining and promoting communication through social media, email, etc. and by helping to securing updated biographic information. 

Total time annually to perform job: 10 hours. 

Responsibilities of the Class Agent:

  • Encourage classmates to attend regional and campus events.
  • Recruit and motivate other classmates to volunteer.
  • Relay important information (e.g., contact information updates) to Fessenden.
  • Make your own donation early to lead by example: www.fessenden.org/giving.
  • Solicit a small group of classmates to make a donation toward the Annual Fund.
  • Write personal thank you notes to acknowledge a donation or a pledge of support.
  • Be a positive advocate for Fessenden.

Responsibilities of the Annual Fund Office:

  • Provide quick and easy training sessions as well as accurate, timely information and materials.
  • Coordinate conference calls when necessary.
  • Send pledge acknowledgements and write thank you notes to confirm donations.
  • Provide Annual Fund financial updates and results as available.


  • To show Fessenden Instagram followers a day in the life of an alumnus and to create a sense of community and belonging for alumni once they leave Fessenden.

How it works:

  • Identify alumni who would be interesting/would like to participate and get confirmation.
    • Diversity of age, location, profession, etc.
  • Two weeks in advance: Alumnus emails photo or headshot with short bio (name, class year, location, job, best Fessenden memory, etc.) for Instagram “teaser” of upcoming alumni takeover.
  • One week in advance: Alumnus emails 10 photos of their day* with captions and locations for geotagging (#fessyalumnitakeover).
    • Examples include:
      • Views from walk to work, morning workout
      • Favorite coffee/lunch/dinner spot
      • Group photo with coworkers
      • Photo of cool project you are working on at work
      • Views of your office/workspace
      • Post-work activities- dog? Meet up with Fessenden friends? Attend sporting event? Theater?
        *Your photos do not have to be from the same day.
  • We will choose at least five photos with captions to post throughout the day.

Get Involved:

  • Nominate yourself or one of your classmates! Even if you don’t want to participate, please feel free to nominate one of your classmates or send us a cool photo from one of your adventures.

Mission Statement: Voice Alumni Committee: The Voice Alumni Committee serves as a forum for Black alumni of The Fessenden School. Our objectives are to enhance the experience of Black students by way of mentorship, to enrich connections between Black alumni by way of communication, and to advise our alma mater in their pursuit of honesty, compassion, and respect. It is our hope that, through this organization, our advancement is upheld by alumni and met with a perpetual embrace by our greater Fessenden community.

Annual Alumni Events at Fessenden

We welcome the opportunity to connect alumni with the School and one another through annual events both on and off campus. If you would like to help plan an alumni event, please contact Myrhia Brewer, Director of Alumni Engagement and Development at mbrewer@fessenden.org or 617-630-2312.

  • Young Alumni BBQ— June 2023
  • Alumni Dinner and Reunion—June 2023

Contact the Alumni Office

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