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Nine alumni representing a range of ages and professions serve on the committee. If you’d like to know more about the committee or have an interest in joining, please contact Myrhia Brewer, Director of Alumni Engagement, at mbrewer@fessenden.org or 617-630-2310.

Meet the Alumni Executive Committee

Alumni executive committee member: Brack Baker

Brack Baker ’97

President, Alumni Executive Committee
Chair, AEC Annual Fund Committee

Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Secondary school: St. Mark’s School
College: Trinity College

What I’m up to: I live in Sherborn with my wife Jennifer, our two kids—Tate, a third grader at Fessenden, and Teddie, a four-year-old girl—and our five-pound Yorkshire Terrier. I am the co-founder and Managing Partner at the GB Financial Group, a life insurance boutique firm based in Boston. My brother—and fellow 2000 Fessy alumnus—is my business partner. I have spent the last three years serving as co-director of the Head of the Charles Regatta. I spend my free time with my family, and I love teaching my children how to ski, play golf, and ride a bike.

Favorite Fessenden memory: The teachers at Fessenden make it what it is. It is hard to put into words how incredibly supportive the environment is and how instrumental it was in making me who I am today. Also, those Congo Bars!

Alumni executive committee member: Remington Pope

Remington Pope ’07

Chair, Communications Committee

Hometown: Boston, MA
Secondary school: The Governor's Academy
College: Villanova University

What I’m up to: I currently work in Downtown Boston for Catalant Technologies, which enables businesses to access an agile workforce, and I live in Boston with fellow Fessenden alumnus Gianni Frattaroli ’07. I am gearing up for a surf trip through Indonesia's Mentawai Islands in early June.

Favorite Fessenden memory: I loved having the opportunity to go from running in a few touchdowns against Belmont Hill right into performing as one of Mr. Alton's unique characters that he would always cast me as in theatre performances.

Alumni executive committee member: Matthew Weinstein

Matthew Weinstein ’08

Chair, Engagement Committee

Hometown: ​Newton, MA​
Secondary school: Belmont Hill School​
College:​ Harvard College​

What I’m up to: I am an attorney in New York City and a graduate of Harvard Law School. I enjoy running, hiking, and traveling in my spare time.

Favorite Fessenden memory: The best part of my time was Mrs. Edelman's first grade class—especially her stories about “Fancy Aunt Gloria”!​​

Alumni executive committee member: Amadou Camara

Amadou Camara ’13

Member at Large

Hometown: New York, NY
Secondary school: The Hotchkiss School
College: Harvard University 

What I’m up to: I am currently an associate consultant at Bain & Company, working out of the New York office. I am incredibly interested in traveling to cool places and entrepreneurship. 

Favorite Fessenden memory: I have so many great memories from Fessenden, but if I had to choose one, I will always remember during my first year at Fessy when Mr. Epstein instilled in me that I could be successful at anything I set my mind to. The confidence and belief that he instilled in me has persisted throughout my whole life and is representative of the positivity that Fessy instills in its students.

Alumni executive committee member: Ben Driver

Ben Driver ’05

Member at Large

Hometown: Sudbury, MA
Secondary school: Belmont Hill School
College: Dartmouth College

What I’m up to: I’m working towards my Phd in classics at Brown University.

Favorite Fessenden memory: My fondest memories of Fessenden are of Mr. Eveleth teaching us how to write in a more lively fashion by describing and writing about his life experiences in great detail. Sometimes it was hilarious, and other times it was deeply moving. He is an amazing teacher, and I learned so much from him.

Alumni executive committee member: Joel Feske

Joel Feske ’04

Member at Large

Hometown: Belmont, MA
Secondary school: Noble and Greenough School
College/University: Bowdoin College, B.A., Carnegie Mellon University, M.S.

What I’m up to: Currently, I am in my first year of a PhD program in physical oceanography at Brown University. 

Favorite Fessenden memory: Epic dodgeball games during recess in Middle School come to mind.


Nicholas Fessenden

Member at Large

Hometown: Newton, MA
Secondary school: Taft
College: Babson College

What I’m up to: I live in Mexico City, Mexico and work as a Director at Barclays Investment Bank.

Favorite Fessenden memory: My favorite memories are advisor lunches and annual trips to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships.

Alumni executive committee member Daniel Hong

Daniel Hong ’08

Member at Large

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Secondary school: Groton School
College: Trinity College 

What I’m up to: After receiving my M.S. degree in environmental science from SUNY-ESF (Syracuse, NY), I started working as a research specialist at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, investigating greenhouse gasses at farms down in Alabama. I am eager to start applying for PhD programs next fall. In the meantime, I have been enjoying living in Champaign, IL, with Andrew—my brother and a fellow Fessy alumnus—who is studying at Harvard Law School remotely this academic year.

Favorite Fessenden memory: There are so many great memories from Fessenden but I would have to go with stopping at the Gathering room on my way to lunch on Thursdays to look at Mrs. Gobbi's artfully hand-drawn board of weekend activities. Then, I had less than 24 hours to make the hardest decisions of my life until I scribbled my name on the sign-up sheets scattered across the tables in the Sanderson Dining Hall during breakfast the following day[KH5] .

Alumni executive committee member: Chuck Zodda

Chuck Zodda ’02

Member at Large

Hometown: Framingham, MA
Secondary school: St. Mark's School
College: Dartmouth College

What I’m up to: I work in Needham, MA, as a financial advisor, and I am the co-host of “The Financial Exchange Radio Show.” My wife, Jessi, and I live in Boxford, MA, with our daughter. 

Favorite Fessenden memory: My favorite memories are Fessy pizza and winning back-to-back New England soccer championships.