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Honesty Is A Boy Thing

The arts are a Boy Thing

Boys of all ages learn to express themselves through art at Fessenden. Visual arts, theatre, and music are integral to the academic experience because we understand the importance of art education. Teachers at our independent school in Massachusetts, many of whom are artists themselves, encourage students to explore and follow their artistic pursuits in an expansive, state-of-the-art facility—as well as throughout a 41-acre campus that inspires creative expression in myriad ways.

Whether these boys grow up to become decorated painters, pianists, or playwrights is immaterial. For Fessenden students, the goal isn’t mastery. Instead, our teachers guide students in skill building, exploration, enjoyment, and help them develop a deep-seated understanding that the arts are a boy thing, too. 

A young boy paints with his art teacher

Arts in the Lower School

Boys take art and music classes multiple times per week. Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten focus on developing basic skills like using color and texture and playing rhythm games. By Grades 3 and 4, they’re learning about different art genres and trying their hand at musical instruments. Students in every grade have the opportunity to gain confidence in performing on stage for a variety of concerts and theatre arts performances throughout the year.

A teenage boy works on a midi keyboard during a music class

Arts in the Upper School

Students in Grades 7-9 hone their passions for and expertise in their chosen areas of the arts. They showcase their talents in a variety of areas, from theatrical productions to orchestra performances and exhibits in Fessenden’s Munro Gallery. Upper School students can also explore woodworking, photography, and film. In Fessenden’s digital media course, boys work with sophisticated equipment like DSLR cameras, camcorders, and software like the Adobe Creative Suite.

Learning from Artists Who Teach at Fessenden

Learning from Artists Who Teach at Fessenden

A male conductor leads a small band of middle school students

Whether they’re in Pre-Kindergarten or Grade 9, Fessenden boys learn from practicing artists. Fessenden arts faculty have trained at some of the most prestigious institutes in the world, and they’ve performed and presented their craft locally in Boston, across the country, and around the globe. 
Like all Fessenden teachers, they’re attuned to how boys learn and frame their lessons accordingly. Kindergartners studying a landscape portraitist will go for a nature walk to expend some energy while they search for and collect materials for their own creations. Eighth grade boys exploring stagecraft will analyze a combat scene from Shakespeare and create their own scene inspired by the original. 

Meet Fessenden’s Core Arts Faculty

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