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Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts at The Fessenden School

Theatre Arts at Fessenden
Whether they love to be center stage or work behind the scenes, Fessenden boys get opportunities to experience both and everything in between. Boys in all grades gain confidence and deliver memorable performances on stage. Older boys are introduced to advanced acting techniques through courses that infuse lessons in stagecraft basics with movement and action. In a Theater Tech course, they learn the fundamentals of theater production, including lighting, sound, and set construction. 

Performances at our independent school integrate and showcase the creative expression of students in all areas of the arts. Studio art students may create headwear for use in one-act plays. Boys learning digital art may create a slideshow or a highlight video about the work leading up to the Upper School play. And boys in the percussion ensemble may perform as part of the Upper School musical. 

Lower & Middle School Theatre Arts

Lower School Theatre Arts

Fessenden’s Lower School boys prepare for grade-level productions by learning music and choreography in music class, creating their own costumes and set pieces in art, and researching their characters in the library. When the curtain rises for each of the annual spring productions, boys in Pre-K through Grade 4 are excited and ready to delight the entire Fessenden community.

Middle School Theatre Arts

Students are introduced to the practical techniques and strategies of theatrical performance through theatre games, improvisation, and basic stagecraft. Each semester culminates in an opportunity for the students at our boys school to showcase their learning, whether through a slam poetry festival, student-written one-act plays, or the reimagining of a literary classic.

Upper School Theatre Arts

Upper School Theatre Arts Courses

Upper School boys explore the excitement of theatre arts by choosing from a variety of semester-long electives.

This course teaches works of William Shakespeare using stage combat as a storytelling instrument. Students learn to perform hand-to-hand stage combat, including the safe use of a variety of stage weapons. In this course, boys develop creative and critical thinking skills in the theatre context.

Boys study all aspects of show production, including light and sound, as well as set and costume design. As part of this course, students also serve as the technical crew for Fessenden theatre productions.

Students are the cast of the Upper School play, which is generally performed in late November at our independent school near Boston. In addition to two class rehearsals per week, the cast holds after-school rehearsals during “Tech Week,” which is the week of the performance.

Students are the cast of the Upper School musical, generally performed in late May. In addition to two class rehearsals per week, the cast holds after-school rehearsals during “Tech Week,” the week of the performance.