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Athletic Training Services

Athletic Training Services in West Newton, MA

On-Site Services

Injury and illness prevention

Wellness protection

Clinical evaluation and diagnosis

Immediate and emergency care

Rehabilitation and reconditioning

Human performance

Concussion Care

Playing sports or just being physically active can put a child at risk for concussion. One of the most important steps in effectively diagnosing and treating concussions is establishing a baseline of cognitive functioning to use as a comparison should a head injury occur. Therefore, every Fessenden student in Grades 5 - 9 completes the SWAY baseline testing at the beginning of the school year. 

If a student suffers a head injury, we follow a thorough concussion management protocol to ensure the proper diagnosis, treatment, and assessment of when a student is ready to resume athletic and academic activities.

Other Athletic Training Services at Fessenden

In addition to our on-site athletic training services, our athletic trainer collaborates with Fessenden’s Health Center staff to arrange referrals, visits, and follow-up care. These include: orthopedists, physical therapists, and imaging (X-ray and MRI). Fessenden is an affiliate member of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Sports Medicine Division. This association gives students priority access to Children’s Hospital’s health care team. 

Meet our trainer

Meet Fessenden's Athletic Trainer

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