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Boys Are Awesome
A boy has his arms up in celebration in class

We Think Boys are Awesome

Boys are celebrated and embraced at our day and boarding school in New England. Our faculty and staff are passionate about teaching them, and intentionally foster a balance between tenacity of academics and enthusiasm for learning. 

When we walked onto campus and saw the boys in action—we saw how Fessenden embraces boys for whoever they are. We like that boys’ interests and energies are supported and appreciated as they discover who they will become.”
—Amanda L., Parent
Everything is a Boy Thing
Young boy wearing a chef hat
Boys working at pottery wheels
Boys doing science experiment while teacher looks on
Boys celebrating during hockey game
Young boys wearing bright costumes during theater performance

Everything is a Boy Thing

From Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 9, Fessenden boys understand that here, everything is a boy thing. Our day and junior boarding school gives boys the freedom to be themselves and pursue their interests, whether it's writing for the student newspaper, acting in plays, singing in the chorus, playing a new sport, or serving as the class comforter. 

My middle son was an athlete, but he was also the star of the musical. He said that was one of the proudest moments he’s ever had.”

—Kristin H., Parent
Boys sittings at desks smiling
Confident and Empowered

Confident and Empowered

From our youngest students leading classroom morning meetings and service projects at the local food pantry, to our older boys presenting Community Showcase projects and volunteering as Big Brothers in the Lower School, Fessenden boys become leaders and empowered advocates for themselves and others.

Well-prepared for their academic and personal pursuits, Fessenden boys engage in their secondary schools with a strong sense of character and unwavering confidence.