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Grade 3

Where am I in all of this? In the third grade, boys begin to ask and answer this question for themselves. Through expanded interactions on campus and explorations of the world around them, boys gain a greater sense of independence. At the same time, they gradually understand that they are not the center of the universe, but rather a member of it.

Fessenden third graders are often found with their noses in a book. Now that they are strong readers, their love of reading grows. By developing their fluency and comprehension skills, we help boys participate in guided group readings.

Third graders become smart users of technology. They use tablets, websites, and other educational resources, but maintain usage at an appropriate level to keep learning active and engaging. For example, in math, we balance visual, interactive technology with tangible, real-world materials (such a blocks and other manipulatives). In social studies, we leave the screens behind when we venture to Plimoth Plantation to experience our colonization unit in a real-life setting.

Our third graders collaborate daily. Whether during partner math or peer-edited spelling tests, we emphasize working together. The real learning begins when a boy can summarize and share an idea with another student--and, in turn, learn from his peers. Collaboration is more than just teaching someone else; it’s the art of negotiation and compromise. This practice allows boys to better articulate their thoughts and improve their problem-solving strategies.

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